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  • Audio Intro - By Jerry Reeves
  • Hint #1: Demonstrate that you understand the lessee and can recommend a favorable credit decision.
  • Hint #2: Anticipate questions by our analysts.
  • Hint #3: We look at credit submissions differently based on the size of the request.
  • Hint #4: While we only lease to businesses most of our credit decisions are based on the owners' personal credit history.
  • Hint #5: Know how non-credit bureau information is considered by our analysts and use that knowledge to accelerate our decision and get the deal done.
  • Hint #6: For larger lease requests we look very favorably on continuing "outside income" as a source of business or personal operating capital.
  • Click Here to download a printable version of How We Do Credit
  • Click Here to download a Credit Checklist

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